Five ways to laugh



  1. Puff air out of your nose in a silent snicker *pffft*. This is in response to something you find mildly amusing.
  2. Make evenly spaced “ka-ka-ka’s” dance out of your throat. This is a controlled, stylized laugh for a well-designed joke.
  3. The big, silent laugh – your mouth is open to full capacity. Your eyes are squeezed shut. No sound is emitted.
  4. The yell laugh – you literally yell. It is followed by a series of chuckles.
  5. Bring out the full bodied, belly laugh only for something that truly tickles you spirits. Call it a cackle, call it a chortle. Whatever it is, it is the most sincere laughter your body can produce and it is highly infectious.

The siren sits opposite to virgin, as the wicked, hypersexual, and racially fetishized representation of Latina-ness. This archetype performs sensuality and empowerment that blankets insecurity and deep longing.

In media representation, Latinas hold power in their physical looks and sexuality. Growing up, I was inspired by my outspoken and glamourous tías and, as a young woman, became fascinated with my ability to perform a version of femininity that turned heads and garnered desire.

Contrary to siren’s bombastic performance, this archetype is highly introspective. “La Sirena” gains power from being desired and admired, but is ultimately alone. While she views herself as superior to her admirers, she also fears closeness and emotionality. With siren, I am interested in expanding the spicy Latina trope into a nuanced being who is capable of sexual empowerment, introspection and love. – Marggie Ogas



In my embodiment of the Lover archetype, I look deeply into the masculine Lover in His fullness. The archetype of emotion, sensuality, feeling, and idealism. There’s an aliveness, an opening up of all the senses, feeling so alive and having a want for all of life’s pleasures. The Lover is hungry for passion and purpose. An addiction to knowing what feels good, and constantly striving for that. Beauty, love, connections, empathy, and a limitless pursuit of passion. The Lover’s energy is boundless, and any rules or limitations are only there to be broken. – Marisol Herling

5 Ways to Watch a Soap Opera

  1. Accidentally turn it on one day. Only half way pay attention, just for curiosity sake. Make fun of it externally, but internally…you’re getting hooked.
  2. Realize that it’s on EVERY DAY. The TV just happens to be on at that time, so may as well watch. The writing is garbage, the acting is sub par (at best) and the filming is extremely meh…but that’s part of the charm I guess.
  3. You don’t really care, ya know? it’s just a silly soap…but holy what?!?! Who died, and then she married who?? OMG whose kid is that??
  4. Now you’re invested. I gotta know who the real killer is. And that drama between Becky and Karen, shit that’s good. And then Linda came back from the dead, turns out it was just a really long coma, and she’s PISSED. What’s she going to do when she finds out….
  5. A whole week of watching every day…in soap time about a day and half has gone by on the show. and now you have to wait until Monday to find out what happens next. Tell all your friends about it. Tell anyone who will listen. This is the best piece of art you’ve seen in your lifetime. The script! That acting! GOLD.


COMIC (Gaosong Heu)

Who doesn’t love the Comic? The witty remarks, the sassy cadence of her voice, the way her laughter lights up the room. She sparkles! Yes, literally she sparkles– she wears glitter as an accessory. When most people operate at a 5 out of 10, Comic runs at a 17 out of 10. It’s not being extra, it’s just bathing in that juicy life force that rushes through her sexy, hot bod (if I do say so myself). I embody Comic with eagerness, for she is my permission to be the silly child, the stingy bite, the excess, that I swallow down in my day to day. We all need a Comic in our lives to double– sometimes even triple-–dog dare us to take that risk, flirt with that hottie over there, take up the white space in the room and fill it with neon and sparkles. – Julia Gay

5 Ways to Survive Being an American

  1. Settle, pillage and massacre out of the kindness of your heart.
  2. Find yourself a nice plot of land. Order a white picket fence off of Amazon to mark your territory. Take advantage of that free Prime shipping.
  3. Move fast to keep up with the Joneses. If walking and running is too slow, tell Alexa to buy you a new segway.
  4. Pro tip: be white
  5. Cry a lot on the outside (if white). Cry on the inside (if not).



Alchemist is science and spirit, and perhaps magic. They are precise directions, geography, elements, and chemistry. They build care-full constellations of sacred tools, tools with lineage, DNA, epigenetic matter in their petals, stems, creases, fibers, kernels, and molecules. Alchemist is a director, a facilitator, a cartographer, a historian, culture worker, and perhaps healer. They are a world builder, a weaver of people and information together, they are a change maker. – Taja Will

Video excerpt from 2019 Candy Box Dance Festival presented by ARENA Dances, at the Southern Theater.



In my take on Shadow, I look through the lens of the Companion. A co-dependency that runs so deep, it becomes an obsessive need of another person. They lose themself in everything: work, partnerships, friendships and become fixated. I cannot exist without another, I need to be needed. Quick to make assumptions about the needs and wants of the other person, in an attempt to stay valuable to that person. Shadow becomes so blind to their true self, that they fail to see that their need for control causes them to give up their own autonomy. A shadow cannot exist without a great light, just as The Shadow cannot exist without it’s light counterpart. – Marisol Herling

Five Ways to Build a Home

  1. Think of everything you want. The perfect color, the flow, the people who you share it with. Think about the flowers and the smells and the sounds. Think about all of it until it has made itself real to you.
  2. Find the perfect spot. Walk and listen. Listen for the wind to tell you that you have arrived.
  3. Acknowledge those whose land you stand on. Know that this does not belong to you. It is stolen, and you must ask for permission to be there.
  4. Cook a meal in the house. Share it with the memories and voices of those that have come before you. Over this meal, make agreements. To yourself to ancestors, to all who reside there.
  5. Recognize the privilege of what you have in front of you. Know that it can be taken away in an instant. When you feel that loss, you are home.


FARMER (Ryan Stopera)

The Farmer is industrious, diligent and hardworking. They do not dwell on the frivolity of emotion, rather they are fueled by the pragmatic, the logical, the most efficient process for the most effective outcome. Farmer bubbles to my surface throughout the day; when I do my daily chores and find myself in a methodically trance of the mundane, when I step into Ikea and appreciate the seductive nature of the order of things, when I walk barefoot after a fresh rain and feel the dirt ooze through my toes. The Farmer belongs to another time and another land. Perhaps they are my mother or my mother’s mother. Perhaps they sowed the seeds that now grow lush in my heart. – Julia Gay

5 Ways to Learn Your Mother Tongue

  1. Remember your tongue is a muscle. It must be strengthened and stretched. Can you curl it up like a hotdog bun? Good. Can you fold it into a three leaf clover? No? Well keep working on it. Flexibility is key.
  2. Stick marbles in your mouth. Roll them around on your tongue. Savor their smoothness, their sensual and perfect curves.
  3. Open your mouth as wide as it can go. Scream. Cry. Laugh, if you must. Clear it all out to make more room in your lungs.
  4. Gulp down a bowl of congee. Let the soggy rice grains slide down your throat, thick and heavy. Be patient. Watch the moon wax and wane. Let the rice ferment in your stomach.
  5. Sing the tones. Be bold. Be wrong. Let them hurl out of your mouth and land hard at your feet. One day a squirrel will scurry by and mistake your words for seeds.


This archetype is deeply connected to the Virgen of Guadalupe, who is not only a symbol of identity for Mexicans and Chicanos, but an idealized figure of Mexican femininity. La Virgen is a pure, spiritually divine figure who is simultaneously youthful and motherly. As a child who attended Catholic school, Guadalupe was my main idol of Mexican womanhood, outside of my family. I drew pictures of her, carried cards with her image, and even had a Guadalupe shirt.

Like many young Latinas, I was encouraged to be highly feminine without being “fast” or provocative. In this work, I thought about this obsession with purity and associating pureness with spiritual morality and “proper” womanhood. I am interested in reclaiming this figure as a source of cultural heritage and youthful femininity that allows for more balance and peace, as opposed to rejection, towards the siren archetype. –Marggie Ogas

My Recipe for Seasoning the Pan

  1. Pour a glass of water.
  2. Get out the heaviest comal, the flat cast iron pan from under the oven, and place it on the front burner. Turn to medium high.
  3. As the pan heats, drip some water in the middle. Turn on a song by a powerhouse woman singer (you have many options). Once the water sizzles, the comal is ready. Drink the rest of the water in one go.
  4. Go in the fridge and pull out whatever leftover potato, meat, or chile-based dish you have from last night. Drizzle some oil on the comal.
  5. Add the leftovers, along with any regret, ill will, or shame you can find and start singing along to the song. Before it burns, grab your go-to wooden spoon and saute until crisp. Season the hash to taste and serve on your best plate.